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Seeking to know Christ better,
and to make Him better known.

Meeting Times

Wednesday @ 7pm
Sunday @ 9:30am and 10:30am

340 Weston Street
Rome City, IN 46784

Free Ticket to Heaven

The information you need to go to Heaven. Click here to download.

Crossless Gospel

A response to the critique of the book "A Critique of the Crossless Gospel". Click here to download.

O.T. Justification

What did Old Testament saints believe in order to be saved?  Find out what the Scriptures teach.

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Other articles of interest

20 Jul 2013

What Is Eternal Life?

 Eternal life is a capacity for communion with God which is everlasting in its duration because it bears the image of God at the core of its being.

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26 May 2013

Doctrinal Statement

 This is the full doctrinal statement of the Weston Street Bible Church

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25 May 2013

Were Old Testament Saints Born Again?

 This article demonstrates that Old Testament Saint were not born again.

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25 May 2013

The Finished Work of Christ

Quite often preachers talk about the finished work of Christ.  Just what is “finished” about the finished work of Christ?

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